Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Baby In Heaven

This beautiful poem was shared to me by blogmate Dine Racoma who lost her beloved grandson just last week. Writing, like art and music, is a healthy and creative way of expressing one's grief. The poem will tug at any bereaved parent's heart.

You came to us
God's loving gift
Our baby boy
Our source of joy.

You gave us love
The purest kind
Your perfect smile
Your touch so mild.

We had our hopes
Our dreams, our plans
Until one day
God reached out His hand.

He called you home
He needed you
To join His host of Angels
So mighty, so strong.

You said, "Yes Lord."
Then bid us good bye
"I'll watch over you
From heaven up high."

Dear Joseph Michael
Our baby, our Angel
You are God's gift to us
And you are our gift to God.

We love you,
Daddy Joseph Angelo
Mommy Caren Marie
Ate Sofia Bernice
Ate Agatha Clarisse

Joseph Michael G. Racoma
20 August-3 October 2007

Thank you Dine for sharing this. Our prayers are with you and your family. Grieve well.

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