Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Griefshare Ministry on the 700 Club

This day has been quite a long but terribly blessed one.

The day began with H and I guesting on "The 700 Club" to talk about our Griefshare Ministry. What was particularly poignant was when they showed us a clip of an interview I had done for them back in 2000 when there were only two, going on three Migi's Corners. I had very short hair on the video and P was a chubby nine year old while L was a precocious two. I couldn't help but tear when then-little P talked about her two brothers - "My younger brother is totally different from my older brother in many ways... and he's not a replacement for my older brother." So wise even at such a young age.

How much our lives have changed since then. Now, there are 12 Migi's Corners all over the Philippines and H and I now share a common ministry that is Griefshare. As Kata Inocencio, the 700 Club host put it perfectly, from Migi, there came about Migi's Corners for children, and now there is Griefshare for adults and families. Truly the ministry has evolved and continues to change from where it began nine years ago. A decade back, I would not even imagine doing this kind of work. But such are the ways of the Lord, that He is able to transform the worst nightmares of your life into something that will benefit many people. And the projects and ministries have never been about us, but about the saving grace of our Lord, of how He is able to comfort us at the lowest point and give meaning to a very great loss. "All things work together for good to those that love the Lord..." This, we hold on to as we continue to do HIS work for us here on earth.

The episode on Griefshare will air on August 9, 2007, 1130PM on QTV