Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Valentine In Heaven

Our beloved pastor Kevin Alamag and his wife Bel were killed in an accident this morning on Commonwealth Avenue. I just got the news an hour ago from a good friend and we were both shocked and saddened by the news.

Pastor Kevin and his wife are only in their 30s and they leave behind two children, both under the age of 12. Though I am sure that Pastor Kevin and Bel are now happy in their real Home, face to face with the heavenly Father, I cannot help but feel and be sad for their kids. To lose one parent is tough enough, more so at a very young age, how much more both?

This type of loss can be very traumatic and so I pray that the manner by which the news was broken to them was done in a very loving and supportive way. Please include the Alamag's in your prayer time today and over the next few days. May the children find comfort in God's love and may they find the courage and strength that they need to navigate the long journey ahead. We find comfort in knowing that God looks with favor upon orphans and widows. Please think of them during your prayer time. Thank you.