Friday, June 01, 2007

Nine Years Later, All Is Well

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I was all set to go to bed when something told me to open my Migi's Corner email. And true enough, my son who now lives forever with his Father in heaven had a surprise waiting for me...

For those of you reading this who do not know my history, Migi was my four year old son who passed away on June 3, 1998 from complications arising from an open heart surgery. Migi's Corner is the foundation that we set up in his memory. The foundation's mission is to improve and uplift the living conditions of children confined in the charity wards of our government hospitals. The first corner was set up in 1999 on the eve of what would have been his fifth birthday, at the Philippine Heart Center. Todate there are 13 Migi's Corners all over the Philippines.

I digress...

Each year, for many years now, as Migi's angel date approaches, somehow, God always manages to send me a message. This year is no different. As I opened my Migi's Corner email ( I had not opened in he last three months... I was met by an email from a former Theology teacher from Miriam College. Maricel wrote to say that she was now based in Norway and on one of her quiet times, using YouTube (I found this funny when I first read it but hey, never discount God's humor...) she had "stumbled" upon a video that featured Migi's Corner! So she sent me the link of the Migi's Corner Video and I clicked on it. True enough, it was a beautiful MTV of Bukas Palad singer Laine Laudico-Santana singing the lilting and comforting song "All Shall Be Well". The coincidence doesn't stop there, Laine happens to be a very good friend who has been supportive of Migi's Corner all these years. I'm not sure if she forgot to tell me about the video or that she did not know about it since she was not filled at the corner itself. I plan to ask her about it this week-end.

More meaningful though is the message of Laine's song with lyrics by Fr. Johnny Go and Manoling Francisco S.J. especially at this time of the year.

"Broken wings that cannot mend
Are we afraid to dream again?
Our days are full of passing faces
Our hearts are bruised in many places,
Yet all shall be well, shall be well
You'll see all shall soon be well...

I know you'll see through all the pain and sadness
All things, all men, all the world
All shall be well.
Shall be well.

It's not the end, you'll dream again
I know you'll see, believe in ME
All shall soon be well.

When there are no rainbows
after the rain
And there isn't freedom from the pain
I know that in time you will see
Believe in ME, all shall soon be well."

What greater comfort can a mother receive in the days leading to one of the saddest days in her life? Yes, truly God works in comforting and wonderful ways, and on this, Mig's 9th angel date, I can say with much faith, that yes, God is good and all is well.

Please click on the link I provided above, or view the video down here to appreciate the message of the song and why the visuals are so meaningful to me and the work that we have done with Migi's Corner over the last eight years.


Riz said...

Aww Miss Cathy, it's amazing what the Lord has done through Migi's corner!! I'd love to see one (Migi's corner) myself! And I'd love to help too. Is there any way I can do to help Migi's Corner? I can do promotions and stuff. If I can, I'd love to donate too or something. I've watched the entire video and it brought me great joy. :)

Last Sunday, as I was leading the praise and worship in church, God impressed to me something.. It's amazing how God uses people and accomplishes His plans through us, regardless if we cooperate or not. What's even greater is, when we cooperate, He blesses us abundantly and uses us mightily wherever He leads us. I'm so sure that God's been doing wonders through your ministries, and it makes all the diffrence that you obeyed and heeded His call. :) May He continue to bless Migi's Corner more and more. :)

SexyMom said...

that must have been a comforting gift for you. God really works in His mysterious ways--how could she have forgotten to tell you. yes, it was very timely that you got the information.maybe it was really meant for you to learn about it at the exact moment, very near Miggy's 9th.